Saturday, October 05, 2013

Movie night

We know we are too anxious to share the favorite movies from our youth with Hank. He is a tad on the young side for movie like Star Wars, or Hook, or Never-Ending Story, but so far he has really enjoyed them, and no nightmares. In fact Brave is the only movie thus far that has given him nightmares, and he still periodically asks if I will ever turn into a bear.

So tonight's movie is E.T. Have you ever watched the trailer for E.T.? If you did back in the day, you probably wouldn't have wanted to go see it. In honor of seeing E.T., I made cookies with Reece's Pieces. I made them at my parents' new house. The only legitimate baking tools I had accessible to me were a spatula, a single glass measuring cup, and a quarter baking sheet. I mixed the dough by hand in a small Coringware baking dish. My mom fussed the whole time, but I reminder her of a time in college that I made spaghetti in a teapot, as the girlfriend of the guy my friend and I were visiting had just left and took all the cookware.

It was not the lack of devices but me reading the recipe wrong that ruined said cookies. I accidentally put in double the amount of butter. After the first greasy batch (luckily just a few, right, since I was using that quarter baking sheet?), I added a little more of everything else, and the rest came out fairly passable.

I hope Hank enjoys these movies as much as we do. And -- that they continue to make movies about kids having adventures. Doesn't it seem like there is a gap nowadays between cartoon movies and modern PG-13 movies? Maybe because we're too afraid of our kids getting any grand ideas and leaving the house to have their own adventure? Hmmm...


Favorite of the day: Started planning a Ninjago themed party -- any good ideas for Ninjago/Ninja/LEGO themed parties that we simply have to have?

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Jenn Walker said...

I recommend The Explorers. Such a great kid adventure movie, even if it is a little cheesy :)

The cookies look great!