Monday, October 14, 2013

Melding party themes

We have been having themes at many of our section meetings at work. They aren't that big of deal -- our "Sunshine Club" just sends out a request for people to bring decor items representing the theme (it's amazing what people already have), and they have 1-2 food items to accompany it. The themes are usually to celebrate something -- birthdays, a promotion, etc. Not nearly as elaborate as our "celebrations" -- just adds a bit of fun and enticement to attend an otherwise boring meeting.

Ice cream bar toppings
Over the summer we had a mad scientist party for somebody who left our organization for another position, and a baseball themed party (Dodgers, specifically). At the baseball party, the individual whose birthday was next on the calendar said he wanted a football themed event, and that he wanted ice cream. Once we got to the month that the meeting would be held, however, we realized we had another upcoming birthday for a female staff member. Not wanting to let either party down, we decided to go less NFL and more high school football. 

The theme then evolved to be a Homecoming theme. We even had crowns for the birthday couple! Just thought it was worth noting that many party themes can be gender neutralized, or modified to reflect the interests of those being celebrated. Here is a cute "girly" Peter Pan theme, for example. Party themes don't have to be pink and glittery to represent girls (a traditional Peter Pan theme would work just fine for a girl, in my humble opinion). But, in this example the theme seemed to match the recipient perfectly. In our example, we softened the masculinity of a football themed party by adding in cheerleader paraphernalia and recalling a shared memory many of us have spending Friday nights in the chilly fall air watching football games.

[BT has purged many items from his youth, but can't bear to part with his practice jerseys (turned chair covers at the meeting). Another staff person has a son who attended the same high school as BT, and coincidentally played football there and had the same number as BT! We were wearing nearly identical letterman jackets at the party. BT was disappointed to hear that his high school didn't retire his number after he left, lol.]


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