Tuesday, October 08, 2013

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Everett still attends the day care that Hank left this past summer. This school has historically been pretty low involvement. Now that we are experiencing public school plus an independently run day care center with Hank, we can definitely appreciate the ease of not having to do fundraisers, or volunteer a certain number of hours per year, or bring prizes for the treasure box/ donations for the room raffle prize/ Kleenex for one of the three schools our two kids collectively attend.

No -- Everett's school hasn't asked for much. Until recently. A new director came to the center. I always liked the previous director -- an introvert pretending to be an extrovert as part of her job (much like yours truly). She was very hands off -- also like yours truly. The new director is also very nice. She is bubbly and outgoing and she likes folks to be involved. There are special days throughout the month (crazy sock day, pajama day) where these activities previously used to be isolated to the summer months. We get an email reminder about these activities the night before to ensure maximum participation. We were asked recently to donate gifts or money to support an upcoming teacher enrichment day. Totally cool, but interesting we had never been asked to do that before. And then there are the family boards. Under the previous director, we received a letter about doing family boards. One family did a board, it was up for several months, and that was the end of that. The new director must really like the idea of having the families complete these boards, as there have consistently been 4 new boards per month since she arrived.

It was our turn this month. I was actually intimidated by this project, as there have been some pretty awesome boards with professional looking photos and layouts -- one even had hand drawn places and things that are special to the family filled in with watercolor. If I myself didn't spend way too long on this project myself, I would ask how people have time for sh*t like this.

I thought of a few ideas which all were based on favorite books. I ended up using Harold and the Purple Crayon for inspiration. If you haven't read the book in awhile, the story focuses on Harold who uses his purple crayon to first draw things he sees when he goes on an adventure at bedtime, and then to find his room again.

If you are ever inclined to do a take on this project, step one is to go buy some good old Crayolas. Don't use the hippy dippy crayons you bought to save the polar ice caps because they are crap and turns out they, ironically, get melty in 95 degree heat. On the other side of the buying spectrum -- in case you are a shopping enigma like me -- dollar store pencils have crumbly useless erasers that will frustrate you to no end.

Now that you have your supplies, step two is to print out the pictures you are going to use before you start. This will a) allow you to determine the orientation of said pictures instead of just guessing which ones are horizontal and which ones are vertical, because your odds are about 50 percent that you will remember correctly how they are oriented, and b) allow you to go buy photo paper if you have run out, versus waiting until you are almost done with the project and ready to chuck it out the window if you have your ineptitude thrown in your face one more gd time. You may be lucky and find some pre-cut photo paper that came with your printer to use, but just note that having a pre-determined shape will make it difficult to fix the problem identified in 2a, since in theory you would need to print bigger pictures and cut them down to still get around the right size.

We started out the same size at the beginning of this project
I did draw my plan out before I started, but made many mistakes on the real thing due to the sure-melts-a-lot purple crayon. Any places you see a purple square with a picture or writing on it, there is a goof up underneath.

Since Everett couldn't really help me on his project, I enlisted Hank's help. He filled in detail on some of the drawings (the house, tree, and pizza), and drew our family by Harold. Am I a bad mom that I didn't let him try using the purple crayon instead to draw us? This was the last drawing to be added to the board, and I just imagined a big purple blob, so I gave him the pen instead. The fact that Harold came out looking amazingly similar to the cover of the book must have been divine intervention.

So here is our story. We are the Ws. We live in LB in a little house with a BIG tree. We like tiki, and being geeky. Our favorite food is pizza. We went on some fun trips this summer. We like playing with LEGOs, and going on adventures. That's our family!


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