Sunday, September 01, 2013

30 day challenge: Vacation recap

As any "casual" blogger knows, once you fall off the blogging horse, it is very difficult to get back on. This was the most thorough break I have ever taken, as I a) have not done anything crafty in the last couple of months, and b) I didn't feel any niggling anxiety that I wasn't blogging regularly.

Remember those challenges from way back to blog every day of a certain month? Well, I'm going to try to kick things into gear here by self challenging myself to blog every day this month. We'll see if I can come up with anything blogworthy craft-wise, or if I just keep posting random cute pictures of kiddos.

Hank has had his Kermit shirt for about a year, and recently spotted one in the baby's size at the thrift store!
So what I have been up to? Well, the last 2 1/2 weeks were pretty grand, as I have been on vacation. We had a couple of family trips planned, including Tiki Oasis

Insulated plastic Mason jars were a popular beverage holder at this year's T.O. (these have handles -- just turned away). I personalized them with Maw and Paw. This made less since when we didn't have the kids with us, and I felt compelled to tell people who commented on how cute the cups were that we hadn't stashed our kids up in the room.
We hadn't gone for a couple of years, but decided this year's theme of "Hulabilly" couldn't be missed. It is extremely difficult to explain to somebody what a "tiki" event is, and then you try to explain how country music/rockabilly/moonshine factor in, well -- it's darn near impossible. We had the boys with us two nights, and then my parents came early Saturday to pick them up. We were so excited to see Southern Culture on the Skids (one of our fave bands of all time) and go to the room crawl (a reminder re the room crawl aspect of Tiki Oasis). Here we are in our Hulabilly finest

Totally last minute, a co-worker gave me the square dancing dress that fit me exactly :)
Our other weekend trip was to Yosemite. Well -- timing is everything, as the Rim fire was just getting started at the time. We can vouch for the message Yosemite keeps issuing that the skies in the park's main valley are crystal clear.

Hope they get this massive fire under control soon before it further threatens this beautiful area.

It was a great weekend to visit the park. It was slightly less crowded than a regular August weekend because of the fire as evidenced by the (unheard of) Vacancy signs at lodges in and around the park. As a camper battling a sinus infection, I was tempted to check in to one of said lodges one night as I was reaching my max for discomfort going up and down mountain roads and being on call 24/7 in the mom department.

Other day trips included a water park, an indoor bounce house place (twice - we have a Living Social deal only good for weekdays), and the L.A. County Natural History Museum. My husband said I was crazy for getting a membership at this particular museum, as we live far away (in L.A. terms) and there is ALWAYS traffic. But, I persevere, and truck the kids there once a month or so. They catch everybody who walks by to have these pictures taken against a green screen, but we have never bought them. This time we did, but I didn't realize until later that the baby's green shirt was replaced by the background image in each one. Hank was sad he didn't have a tarantula shirt on, too.

Back to reality on Tuesday!


Favorite of the day: Love this generic party

Working on: Guess I'll need to come up with some stuff, lol


Jenn Walker said...

So glad you are trying to get back to regular posting :) I love your blog!

And I'm so jealous you saw Southern Culture On The Skids...big fan.

Hope you had a great time!

Rebecca said...

Love the costumes! I love Southern Culture as well. I met them a few times back the day and my Aunt and Uncle are still good friends with them. Always a blast!