Monday, September 30, 2013

30 day challenge: Trip to IA

In setting out to do a 30 day challenge, I a) didn't realize every boy in the house would get back to back viral infections, and b) forgot about our end of the month trip to Iowa.

We went back for a cousin's wedding. The trip was short to minimize the time Hank would be out of school. No worries there, as he would have been out of school anyway. You know that kid who is always sick, and passes everything on to the class? Yep - that's our boy.

He was pretty well comatose on the flight out, but got us back for dragging him halfway across the country by spending that night and next whining and crying. Good times! We finally sought out an urgent care to diagnose what we all expected -- strep throat. He was much better for the flight home.

Baby did really well on the trip -- hardly a peep. Wish we had another trip planned for before he turns two and we have to buy 4 lousy seats...

13 posts -- much better than last month!


Favorite of the day: Cute canning labels

Working on: Still unpacking


Jenn said...

So sorry Hank was sick! Hope he's feeling right as rain now!

April, Jennifer, Carol said...

Jen, I can't keep up with you even with the speed of a computer. When I read your face book post that you were at O'Hare, my brain did a quick spin. Wait a minute, I thought they JUST got back from______________(fill in the blank). That you have time to do any blog posts is amazing. Sorry Hank was sick. His immune system is going to be able to fight off anything real soon. Carol