Saturday, September 07, 2013

30 day challenge: Questions

Well, that was short lived, lol. I am trying to blog more, but one needs to have a little more of the good stuff to share than bad stuff nobody wants to hear about (sick kids, work projects, etc.)

I have all the great workings of a new project, but nothing to show you as of yet. So I will ask a couple of questions. Question 1 - I am thinking about painting the center of these Dollar Tree plastic trays with chalkboard paint for Christmas gifts. Have you seen a tutorial or have any advice as to how to make the rim that will remain "silver" look oxidized?

Question 2 - How do you get your kids to open up about what they did at school? I have tried specific questions (who did you play with, what did you play), broad, offbeat questions (what made you laugh today?), and the Rose-Rosebud-Thorn thing-y that encourages kids to share something good that happened to them, something they learned or are trying to figure out, and something they didn't like from the day. I even held a fun size bag of M&Ms hostage, and made Hank tell me different things that happened that day in order to get the corresponding number of M&Ms. All of these tactics work for awhile, and then one day he will tell me that he doesn't want to do that any more. Please let me know any tips that have worked at your house.

Hoping I have something blogworthy to share soon!


Favorite of the day: Apple pie Dutch oven style

Working on: A wreath


Sarah said...

Now that I have a small herd of children this is what I know - some kids just do not want to, need to, care to or will ever talk about that stuff. Period. At 9 Jack only very rarely shares anything about his day. Sammi? Lord child, I GET IT! She tells me every single thing that happens. Also, asking Jack about that stuff, particularly *right after* school stresses him out. It's a weird thing to let go (feels like crappy parenting or something I suppose), but if Hank is child A I would just let it go. (I have a whole token theory that goes with this, if you really want to hear it shoot me an email.)

Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage said...

Porter can never tell me what has happened at school. He swears he doesn't remember. Not sure if he's telling the truth on that or if he just isn't interested in telling me.

For the rims of those trays--there is this stuff called alcohol ink by Ranger. An artist named Tim Holtz uses it with these little felt pads and it sticks to just about anything. I bet there's a way to use that to antique the shiny metal. I've never tried it myself but have been intrigued by the results I've seen on blogs before.

April, Jennifer, Carol said...

Good question about getting kids to open up about their day... I've wondered the same. Sarah's advice sounds good. I think I will take it and Wyatt will be so happy! To not have me pestering him all afternoon about his day.

Anonymous said...

It might be easier to pull something out of your son's backpack and ask about that specifically (a picture or a book or something like that), just to get the conversation started. Think of when someone you haven't seen in a while asks, "what's new?" It's hard to know where to begin, and people often dismiss it with a, "not much" or "same old"