Tuesday, September 03, 2013

30 day challenge: Lunches

Our oldest son, Hank, starts elementary school tomorrow. He will be in a transitional kindergarten class (T-K) for kids starting the school year at 4, but turn 5 shortly thereafter. Since the kid has been in school since 5 months, it may come as a surprise that this milestone even registers with me. But it does -- big time. So many challenges lie ahead of him, but also so many opportunities. He will be directed, rather than encouraged, to make his 5s face the right direction, say "how come" instead of "how become," and learn from his peers (with time) when he is being funny versus being a bit of a pest. Hopefully, he will have fun, and make those early memories all of us hold on to throughout our lives.

In anticipation of the new school, we found a nearby pre-school that walks the kids over in the morning and walks them back in the afternoon. The school is great so far (hello once a month 4 hour date night for parents!) But -- one downside is that we have to bring a lunch most days minus 4 school provided lunch days that you pay $4 each for (betcha know who is the first to turn her check in for those days).

But, with every challenge comes an opportunity. In this case, I get to make cute lunches. They are not crazy cool bentos, but I try to at least cut his sandwich out in a fun shape every day. So far Hank appreciates the contents of the lunches. He was incredulous the first day at the new pre-school back in July that somebody had Cheetos in their lunch.

Ahh -- I know my window to make cute lunches will soon close, and I will be questioned as to why I never pack Lunchables, Capri Suns, or blue Jell-o.


Favorite of the day: Somebody clued me in that Hobby Lobby has been popping up in So Cal. Oblivious, I am...

Working on: Should be bedtime

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