Saturday, September 21, 2013

30 day challenge: A little thank you

Have you ever had a month where you hope you can go a week without hearing neither of your kids barfed or pooped on anybody?

We are in the midst of a never-ending series of illnesses around here. Everett is getting the worst of it. He likely had a case of viral meningitis a few weeks ago, and seems to have contracted another viral infection this week that involves diarrhea and a runny nose that causes him to vomit when he eats. He has a "floppy windpipe," so only so much stuff can go down at any given time. This kid has barfed more times in 10 months than I can count due to illness, choking, medications -- you name it. We're not talking spit up here, but full evacuation. His latest incident at school was a total blow out (from the back end) all over a teacher.

She had to change her clothes as a result...

This little gift of a jar of caramels (both from the dollar store!) isn't much, but I wanted to say I'm sorry for Everett's accident. The donuts were an overall apology to the teachers and aides that care for him. Of course we stay home with him on the active sick days, but there are unfortunately the pre-sick days when you think maybe his crabby behavior is related to teething or something, and then those after days where he is *better,* but medications or a new illness can lead to diaper explosions.

Hank had an incident from the other end. He missed his third day of school (a Friday) as the night before he had a high fever (complete with hallucinations!) and was complaining that he was going to throw up. Come the weekend, he seemed fine and was running, playing and shouting like a normal 4-year-old. We figured he had a touch of the illness Everett had, but made his way through it relatively unscathed. Monday morning, BT walked him to school and Hank said he had a headache and his tummy hurt. Thinking it was nerves, BT dropped him off. Hank complained that he felt sick to the teacher, but she, too, thought it was nerves and that he always looks pale, lol. Up comes breakfast -- all over his shoes and the classroom floor. Way to make a good impression on the teacher and his peers the first week of school! So, Hank missed the rest of that day and the next (viral meningitis likely for him as well based on the headache and hallucinations), but fortunately seems to be back to normal. My thank you to Hank's teacher was volunteering in the classroom for a couple of hours, and bringing some little toys for the good behavior treasure box.

If you are curious, I have had a sinus infection for 6 weeks, and BT seems to have viral meningitis like the boys. We have both missed so. much. work. the past few weeks, which was especially hard for me coming off of a 2 1/2 week vacation. But -- I kind of expected this. Come December (or March -- depending on my dad's retirement plan), we will have help covering the sick days that we are not able to stay home for once my parents make the move back to CA. It is a subset of Murphy's law that, in anticipation of an event that will change your life dramatically, your mental, financial, and sick leave resources will be challenged to the max in the interim. Wish us luck!

Sorry for all the gory details! It seems that we are the only family we know that is prone to unrelenting illness. Just in case you find yourself in the same boat, just wanted to let you know I feel your pain!


Favorite of the day: Need to figure out how to do this in our bedroom, and then I will have another room redo to reveal

Working on: Monthly gifts for co-workers

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