Wednesday, September 25, 2013

30 day challenge: Another special house

In addition to my parents moving closer to us, a special friend moved nearby. Ms. Evie left the hustle and bustle of downtown to move to the 'burbs. She now lives a mere block away! It is such a treat to know we have good friends living so close by.

Evie had a little housewarming party, which coincidentally was on her birthday. I found a little bowl from the JCP Jonathan Adler collection on clearance for $9 to give as a gift. There was also a metric ton of Martha Stewart Celebrations party stuff on sale at JCP (guess the high end stuff isn't doing too hot at our store at least). The clove flavored candy sticks were not cheap at $6 on clearance. Worst of all, I didn't notice until reviewing my receipt later that this is actually a nut bowl. A nut bowl!! Nuts, especially if I had made some of my mom's rosemary infused bar nuts, would have been a more suitable Evie gift. But then, telling her the saga of how I came to find out the true purpose of the bowl too late is an Evie appropriate story. We seem to find our common ground telling each other about the sagas of everyday life.

Really happy to call my friend a neighbor :)


Favorite of the day: Here is an example of a Jennifer and Evie activity -- we won't be able to go to the sale this month, but hoping we can make it next time they offer these lovely frocks for sale!

Working on: Packing (scratch that -- internet surfing)

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