Thursday, August 01, 2013

Monthly onesies

I made Lena a set of monthly onesies to celebrate her new addition. Here are the printable appliques I used to make the set.

The finished onesies were packaged in another one of the red suitcases BT brought home from work.

The *only* expense (and it was significant) was the cost of the onesies. I bought mostly bigger sizes, as Lena's husband is quite tall (6'8"). My husband isn't nearly as tall, but some how baby Everett is off the charts for length at 30 1/2" at 8 months!* So I used the sizes he has been in at the each month as a guide for buying the onesies to complete this gift for Lena's eventual basketball center.

I found a cute saying on Pinterest to include in the lid. Lena did a great job documenting the first year for her daughter, so hope these are helpful for capturing monthly photos of her little boy.

* I thought I was soooo clever buying a Graco 35 infant car seat, and thought it would last past the first year. Hank was a chunkster who outgrew the standard Graco infant seat (weight limit of 22 pounds) at 9 or 10 months. Everett is leaner, but following his average monthly rate of growth, he will outgrow the car seat length wise -- between 9 and 10 months. Oh well...


Favorite of the day: Simple idea that would get big smiles around these parts

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