Sunday, July 07, 2013

Summer wreath

This project idea was awesome in my head, less awesome during the making process, but in the end turned out better than expected (just not as good as I intended).

I wanted to make a wreath using these waxy blow up balloons I had from the Japanese dollar store. They come three to a package, and I had 3 packages. The largest is about 8 inches in diameter, for reference. I covered a foam wreath form using wire ribbon, then blew up the balloons. These are like origami balloons -- they blow up, and hold their shape pretty well, but some air does escape as there is no way to seal them. I then glued the balloons to the wreath form, and added some beach-y keen ribbon to use as a wreath holder.

Too bad I didn't think of this in time for the Beach Blanket Bingo party!


Favorite of the day: Can't wait to go camping again!

Working on: Dada's birthday


Kathy said...

Creative and cute!

sweet little sister said...

Beachy keen?! YOU are adorable!