Monday, July 01, 2013

Father's Day (a little late)

A quick post about celebrating BT for Father's Day.

Coincidentally, dada was very generous to himself this year. He bought a doorbell

to fill our little nook. He also bought a big ass tent

to make our camping trips more comfortable. Note, for the record -- at 10'X14', this tent is bigger than our bedroom at home. It is a canvas tent -- great at night, but you need to hightail it out of there once the sun hits it.

We bought dada a beer tasting set (just something I picked up last minute from the Target dollar section) and 4 brews

There were the requisite school gifts from the kids.

I also had BT's dad's old ax sharpened for him. It only cost $10 to do, though perhaps BT can learn to do it himself if he ends up using the ax more when we are camping. The drop off place for the sharpening was a high end grocery store in town. For the record, it feels very weird to walk into a store with an ax.

We took dada camping Father's Day weekend so he could try out the big ass tent. We planned everything last minute (per our m.o.) We also had to incorporate a graduation in the Antelope Valley -- a high desert area adjacent to a mountain camping area. 

We found a group site that accepted reservations, and took our chances. It turned out to be a really pretty spot, and though the campground if full could accommodate over 100 people, that weekend our family of four occupied one spot, and a couple and their dog were in another spot at the far end. It was very peaceful and nice.

Baby did well on his first camping trip out of the womb (we did lots of trips last year -- the last trip, which included our apple picking adventure, I was 7 months pregnant. The air mattress was soooo much more tolerable without lower back pain). Everett woke up a few extra times during the night than usual, but just ate and went back to sleep. 

Overall a good Father's Day weekend!


Favorite of the day: Too tired

Working on: New school prep

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