Sunday, July 14, 2013

Celebrating our super hero

BT's birthday was this past week. I usually ask Hank for an idea for themes to celebrate dada. Last year, for example, we bought Spiderman party supplies -- and rubber spiders, haha. This year, Hank suggested Avengers.

He drew super hero pictures to hang from the light 
Really going out a limb here with these themes, kid...

As mentioned, we are a Marvel house. We are also a Target house. For some reason Target didn't get the memo that if they partnered with a comic book publisher for their summer line to go Marvel instead of DC. So -- our decor was a little confused, with both DC and Marvel elements.

Dada didn't seem to mind :)


Favorite of the day: BT really really really would like this.

Working on: Bedroom redo. Cannot find an "inspiration piece" to set the tone for the decor in that room. Getting desperate -- started considering driftwood art, which does not seem very uber tiki modern at all...

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Anonymous said...

Brent should paint something on the wall -mural style as your inspiration piece