Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hank's last day Pre-K

Hank said goodbye this week to the school he has been at for 4 years now.

Party time!
It was hard back in 2009 to find a school with infant care in our area despite living in one of the largest cities in California. I found only half a dozen schools to choose from. I eliminated two because of building safety concerns and/or nobody answered the phone the couple times I called, and one because the infant area was full of confinement devices -- Bumbo seats, swings, exersaucers, etc. I imagined a fussy baby Hank being picked up just long enough to plop him into the next device versus holding him or allowing him to explore on his own. In contrast, our school's infant room is pretty bare bones save for a toy cabinet and "the pit" -- a soft round play area that does at times resemble a wrestling arena when the babies start crawling over each other to get toys.

Cards for the teacher Hank had for each class. There was a teacher there in the break room while I was setting up. I felt bad taking away from her down time, so I didn't get too many pics or have time to straighten up.

We are the great social experiment, as we do not have any friends or family who have put their kids in a school-based day care at 4/5 months (and kept them there) as we have done with Hank and Everett. Folks can smugly nod and say I told you they started school too young if they end up in jail some day (sure hope not).

Is this a thank you party, or are they celebrating the fact that I'm leaving?
My own parents worked opposite shifts for two years before I was put in school. My mom would get home from work around 8 in the morning, spend a few hours up with me as part of her "evening," and then fall asleep as I watched PBS the rest of the afternoon. To ensure I stayed put, I was buckled into a little booster seat. Hey -- it was the 70s.

To assuage the guilt, I don't remember a single thing from the time I was really young, and have mostly good memories about my time at pre-school. When I really wanted my mom was in high school --  I always wanted to talk to her after school. 
I didn't expect to like the school, but, without many choices, I had to at least get Hank started there. I thought there would be a lot of turnover, or I wouldn't agree with the philosophies on teaching, discipline, etc. Turns out I learned a lot from them -- especially how to get a baby whose eyes popped open within minutes of laying him down to sleep for blocks of time. The best part is all the teachers and the administrators are still there now for Everett! It really feels comfortable, and I am so grateful that we found this school. Hank will be starting another pre-school that walks kids to and from the elementary school where he will be in a transitional Kindergarten class come Fall. He says he is excited to start a new school, but something tells me he will be a little upset when he realizes his teachers and friends aren't there at the new school as well.

To celebrate the teachers, we brought donuts and made little cards for the teachers he has had each year. I made up poems to accompany the cards. For example, for the teacher of the two-year-olds (above):

In Ms. Shaellena's class I grew more lanky
I also picked up the nickname "Hanky"

For the aides, I made a cartoon rendering of Hank's head and wrote a note to each of them on the back and hung them from balloons.

For Hank's friends, we brought mini donuts and made school themed goodie bags, which included stickers, an apple pencil, and fruit snacks. The sticker said "Wish I could stick around. I'll miss you! From Hank." Just so you know, the way to win over a classroom of pre-schoolers is with a sugary snack and goodie bags. Should we bring treats and goodie bags on our first day at the new school? lol

Dance party


Favorite of the day: Have you heard about cronuts?

Working on: A wreath

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Jenn Walker said...

I can't believe how big Hank has gotten! I hope the transition to his new school is smooth.