Saturday, May 11, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week: Parent hosted potluck

Friday was a parent hosted potluck for the teachers at school. I signed up for a main dish, intending to make the spanikopita my co-worker makes and receives rave reviews about.

Then I saw these little orange polka dot baggies at Target, and did a turnaround. I decided to make little turkey and provolone sandwiches cut into shapes. My bread was too narrow to use the butterfly sandwich cutter that was also in the Target dollar section, so I just used a cookie cutter.

We made it through another teacher appreciation week, battling illness all the way!


Favorite of the day: A local place to check out

Working on: Had resolved to go some place ho hum for Mother's Day, but just saw an amazing opportunity that isn't all that expensive. Fingers crossed they are still taking reservations!

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