Thursday, May 09, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week: Bring flowers

For Wednesday's theme, everybody brings flowers that are divided into large bouquets for the teachers.

We brought the flowers (Hank's choice) into the classroom, and we were mobbed. All the kids started asking for a flower. I don't know if they did that with all the other moms that came in that morning, or why they wanted them. But, Hank and I started breaking off individual carnations to hand out to all the kids. So, I guess we gave them our appreciation as well.


Favorite of the day: I want to make every recipe on this site

Working on: Getting healthy. Between the four of us, we have strep throat (dada), a sinus infection (mama), an ear infection (baby), and some sort of infection is going after the septum in Hank's nose. Send reinforcements soon!

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