Saturday, May 25, 2013

Product test: Puj Nubs to make bathtub sorting game

I signed up to be a product tester for Puj Nubs by Puj. These cute little hangers look like, well, let's be honest, a nipple. But, they are multi-functional, colorful, and kid safe to boot.

As a tester, you could either receive a single nub to test for free, or pay shipping to receive a trio of nubs. I opted for the latter, and received a pack of nubs in magenta, cyan, and yellow - like printer cartridge colors!

Bathtub sorting game I designed using pre-cut foam shapes and Puj Nubs
I knew I wanted to use them for some sort of bathtub game using foam pieces that could stick to the tile, but dreaded cutting them out. It turns out that Target currently has a pack of foam shapes (in the summer section) that made this project so much easier than anticipated. The package comes with 8 or so summer shapes in a variety of colors. The pack just so happened to have pink, blue, and yellow shapes - score! I drew numbers 1-5 on the shapes in each color group using a Sharpie pen, and I admittedly just used the Sharpie lid to make the holes, as I didn't have an eyelet maker that would make a big enough hole to fit over the nub.

The nubs were easy to attach to the tile -- just clean off the area you want to stick them to, and peel and stick. They were re-positionable, as I ended up needing to switch the cyan and yellow nubs. The game could be used by a toddler to sort by color or shape, and by a pre-schooler to put the numbers for each color group in order. Everybody will have fun sticking the foam shapes to the bathtub walls.

The Puj Nub is primarily designed for use with the Puj Hug -- a towel that has a rubber fitting that hangs on the nub when not in use, and loops with another rubber piece to wrap around your neck for when you take baby out of the bath. I am excited to see the creative uses other testers come up with for this fun new product!

**As mentioned, I paid for shipping for the nubs, but am testing them on behalf of Puj. Opinions expressed here are my own.

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