Monday, April 01, 2013

Easter recap

We were on our own this year for Easter -- no plans with friends or family. It was nice to come with our own schedule for the day.

We hunted for "helmets," purchased to go along with this year's Star Wars themed basket.

Book is so stinkin' cute!
The Chewbacca toy (pattern here) was for Everett

He loves his Wookiee

We then had brunch at a local tiki restaurant. So much fun, and such a good value! Huge spread of food, filled eggs for the kids, leis, shaved ice "bar," and entertainment.

After that we went to Wondercon. Unfortunately the only pictures of that were on Hank's little Lego camera, which went missing at the 'Con. He worked for it for over a month by earning stickers for good behavior. Unfortunately mom and dad lost track of what the kid was doing with the camera, and he must have left it some place. Do we start over with him earning a new one, or just replace it (maybe when he is older?) I feel as though we are partially to blame, but there is a lesson here about keeping track of your stuff. What would you do?


Favorite of the day:!!!

Working on: Trying to find an inspiration piece to start a redo on either the living room or our bedroom

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Rebecca said...

What a fun holiday celebration! I'm loving the Wookie. I won't weigh in on the camera issue. Having no children I have no idea what to suggest! But I see your point about the lesson. Tough decision!