Sunday, March 17, 2013

Birthday "party" for Charlie

Little Charlie Girl turned one in January.

So why am I posting this in March? Well -- after a couple of failed attempts to get a few moms at work together for a small celebration at the park, I threw in the towel and accepted that perhaps it wasn't the right time to have a party. Plus -- Charlie's mama is expecting again! She is due early June. We are planning a little work celebration for her next month, so we all have moved on from the birthday idea.

I had already invested time and energy into making some things for the party, so I sneaked into work one night and decorated Lena's cubicle! She was very touched,  and assures me the party decorations, such as the banner shown above and a felt crown will be used for Charlie's next birthday.

I made bubble solution, and put it old jam jars with the lids painted to serve as favors. I fashioned pipe cleaners into a bird shape to use as a wand.

Yummy cupcakes -- these won't keep until next year!!

The birdhouse xylophone toy served as inspiration for the decorations, such as the bluebird shown on the felt crown. This was from one of Target's first celebrity collabs with Amy Coe circa 2005 or 06? Several bloggers posted about the birdhouse at the time, and I *had* to have it in case we had a girl. Mind you -- I always secretly wanted two boys, but since one can't plan these things, the birdhouse was procured. Since our family is complete, I felt it was time to pass this on to one that is still growing :)


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April said...

Jen- You are so thoughtful. That birthday crown is so cute. Seeing that banner brings back memories from our wild n'crazy new years celebration! :)