Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentines for the school crowd

For Hank's classmates, we made a version of juice box robots. As much as I don't like juice boxes (sugar! minimal fruit juice! often made from ingredients from China!), these were so cute I couldn't resist.

Plus Hank picked out robot Valentines again. Luckily the Juicy Juice boxes were the small juice boxes, and their pink color worked well with red and pink Valentine themed candy (Nerds, Laffy Taffy, and Starbursts). Which probably has all the same components as the juice boxes, but whatev...

He put his name on the "To" line of all the Valentines. It's ok -- just breathe Ms. OCD.
I like how the flavor label looks like a grimace paired with the googly eyes. Hank filled out his name on all of the class Valentines. We broke them up over a few nights to finish all 16.

I got the dejected You're peeing on my parade look when I suggested he out an M for Ms. Monica on the front of his creation.
For his previous teacher, he made up his own Valentine. It is hard not to be directive in these situations, but I swallowed most of my suggestions and let him do his own thing, which ended up being essentially just a folded piece of paper. I did offer him the washi tape, which he is now enjoying using on other art projects.

Hoarding -- It's all a bunch of crap until you finally find a good use for something.
And finally, in gifting the hands project and art books, wouldn't I have been super sad if I hadn't gone through my wrapping supply box one more time to find the perfect bag to give a gift to the best Valentine (Hank's current teacher) "hands down?"


Favorite of the day: I feel like I am always in idea overload, so surprised when I don't have something to link to here.

Working on: Hmm -- good question

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sweet little sister said...

I have a hatred for juice boxes also. & you're right, these robots are definitely worth the exception! Love em!!