Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Milestone birthday gifts

We had two friends hit milestone birthdays this week. Kim is part of our core friend group, and turned 40. I was looking to get rid of a Kate Spade box from the junk heap collection (not the contents, mind you -- my "make waves" bracelet stays with me). I love the KS idiom bracelets. I wanted to do a gift just like this, but these are sold annually as resolution bracelets, and not as keen on the phrases as part of the 2013 version.

Thus, I went with one of the small, single phrase bangles that says "heart of gold" on the inside. The recipient truly does have a heart of gold. That got me to thinking -- maybe I could buy one of these bracelets for each of the girls as they turn 40 with a fitting phrase inside? Just have to go back and catch Jenn -- since I had party planning burn out, I didn't get her a proper gift anyway. Not seeing the phrase that pays for my remaining girl pals yet, but have 2-5 more years assuming Kate Spade keeps making new ones!

Btw, I would dress in Kate Spade from head to toe if I had the dough. Print that on a bracelet, lol.

We were requested to bring booze or desserts to Kim's party. Don't hurt your brain thinking about which one I brought. My drink de rigueur is Prosecco. Stealing the idea from a friend (hi Mary!), also brought raspberry syrup and fresh raspberries to make a drink I named the Raspberry Sparkler.

Also this week, the mom of one of the guys in our group turned 60. She was partying it up all weekend -- guess 60 is when the real party starts. Years ago, Donna found out that I had given aprons to her daughter-in-law, April, April's sister, and their mom (the trio I discussed here). She joked that she didn't cook, clean, or garden, so she didn't know what she would need an apron for, but she wanted one anyway.

Well, hope this fits the bill. Donna loves sports -- especially football and baseball. I made an apron she can wear watching games on TV, and can put nuts in one pocket and shells in the other. Hope she likes it!


Favorite of the day: Heidi rocks

Working on: Finishing up Valentine's Day stuff.


sweet little sister said...

Well Well Well
Thanks for this introduction. I had a pair of Kate Spade sunglasses that I adored, they've since bit the dust, but I did not realize that she made CLOTHES too. I thought it bags & accessories! I was blind & now I want that color block dress on sale for $238....... I've always liked your fashion sense Jen. I wish I could afford designer lines also

Rebecca said...

Love your gift ideas! And Prosecco is my go to also, I take it to a lot of parties. Pair it with peach nectar for bellinis or cranberry with a sugared rim for a "Pointsettia" at the holidays. I made up thast last one. :) Cheers!

Leersje said...

Wat een heerlijke M line matrassen

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