Saturday, February 09, 2013

Art Methods: Hands

Remember our old Art Methods series (here, here, here)?

Love these hands - dirty nails and all
We started these projects the Fridays I was home with Hank. This was shortly after my boss was killed by a drunk driver, and I started filling in. Eventually I realized that I couldn't effectively work from home any more with Hank there, so he started going to school 5 days per week (BT had already been requested by that time to go back to his 5 day per week schedule as well, so Hank was in school on Wednesdays as well). We felt "rich" as working parents that we had the opportunity to be home with the kid two weekdays, and were very sad when this opportunity passed. I am even more sad now that Everett won't have this opportunity at all, as he will be in day care 5 days per week from the get go when I go back to work "full time" in May (feel like I am already working full time again - jeez).

I am trying to maximize our time together. We go out and do a lot of fun things so Hank doesn't turn into a TV zombie. I also spend good parts of the day conversing with the baby. Supposedly babies have a short attention span, but Everett will sit and "talk" to me for a solid hour looking at me intently all the while (and keeps talking if I leave the room, which makes me feel instantly guilty). Hank is Hank, and he will get by in the world using a grab bag of emotions and brute force, I suspect. Everett is a gentle soul -- I have the feeling he will attract people to him.

If we stick to our schedule, we have time allotted in the afternoons for a creative activity. One day I asked Hank what types of activities he does with his hands. He replied with things like eating, washing his hands, and playing. I asked what he liked best to play with using his hands, and he replied Lego Star Wars. So I took a picture of him playing with a Lego Star Wars figure. Following a project BT worked on as part of his Art Education program, I think we were supposed to look at pictures or works of art with people using their hands and describe what they were doing, but we didn't do a research element. In terms of new techniques, the only thing we worked with was using Picassa to edit the picture above. Hank had fun changing the picture using the different image processing styles. I framed the picture in a leftover frame and will give it along with an explanation about our process and a series of art education books to Hank's teacher for Valentine's Day. She has an art education background as well, and is very good about introducing a classic art piece to the kids each week and having them re-create the work some how.

In another conversation this week, we discussed what super hero powers we would like to have. I would definitely like the ability to manipulate time some how so that I could get all the crap work out of the way, and have the rest of the time to spend with my boys.


Favorite of the day: meh

Working on: An apron

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sweet little sister said...

Great picture. Funny how different two little guys from "the same mold" can be. I'm glad to hear your thoughts on this. I hear you loud & clear on wanting to give more time. It was my big regret when D was so little also- working so much. Thankfully the time the boys are away from you they are in trustworthy hands & the time you ARE together becomes extra special. The appreciated life. They have an amazing Mom in you Jen