Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New norm

We are all adapting to our new norm. Baby makes it easy on us, though, since he is so super mellow! I didn't know babies could be awake without fussing, twitching, or crying (like big brother Hank). Everett spends most of his awake time just looking around, gazing at mama, trying to follow big brother's movements this way and that, and kicking his feet in an excited (not frantic) way.

I ended up bringing Everett in to work last week for the day. It became kind of comical to my co-workers how predictable he was. He would wake up, eat, look around for a bit. Then somebody would hold him and he would fall asleep on their shoulder and sleep for a couple of hours (in his carseat -- although I think some of the older folks who haven't had babies around for awhile would have held him the whole time). Other then his cute cooing noises, we barely heard a peep out of him.

As mentioned, big brother, my Type A, is having a little harder time adapting. He has always been so sweet with babies we encountered, so I was not prepared for him to be a little rough with the baby -- in a weird way. An example is him saying My baby brother is so cute, as he pushes up firmly on Everett's chin. Could this reaction be to blame? Maybe. But, suspect it is just Hank getting used to sharing our attention, but still acknowledging that he really does enjoy being a big brother. Things have already gotten better on that front, and Hank is even figuring out ways he can play with the baby.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Mama is adapting to not getting a full night's sleep again (A commonality between the two: Everett is a snacker like Hank was when it comes to nursing), and balancing caring for a new baby, entertaining (and teaching) a pre-schooler, and getting anything done around the house. Plus having some down time. Oh, and time with the mister. Some days I forget to put on deodorant (and you know how much I need it), and in the same day forget to take the defrosted chicken out of the microwave. Which also means we didn't have a real dinner that night. Chicken was discovered in the microwave the next day. Btw -- that smelled wonderful.

But, some days, like today, I nail it. Just making a list for inspiration on the days when I realize there was a baby wash cloth balled up in the back of the leg of my skinny jeans looking rather tumor-like AFTER I have been conversing with a group of mamas at a school party for 2 hours...

So today I:

- Made breakfast (not just cereal)
- Worked for a bit
- Had our first structured "learning time" -- an hour session with Hank to review Kindergarten readiness materials we received at a recent orientation. Have been trying unsuccessfully to do this for weeks!
- Everybody was bathed, clothed, and mama even had makeup on
- Did 2 loads of laundry
- Cleaned three rooms, including changing the sheets on both beds
- Went on a walk and wore the baby (since he does sleep so well, I don't make a point to do this every day. But then my Attachment Parenting guilt sets in...thanks, Dr. Sears.)
- Went to the park
- The kids took a nap at the same time!
- Researched schools for next year. Hank is eligible for our District's "Transitional Kindergarten" (T-K) program for kids who turn 5 in the fall. Our assigned school has the program, but no after school care for kindergarteners (half day for T-K and K throughout the District). Found a school near where Everett will be going to day care that has the transitional kindergarten program AND before and after school program for students, but it is in a nice neighborhood and close to another popular day care, so sure people have the same idea and there will be lots of competition for whatever remaining spots there are once kids assigned to that school fill the majority of the spots.
- Sent lengthy emails to another mom in the same predicament described above and other veteran LB moms who may have advice for other after school options that would allow us to stay at our assigned school.
- Went grocery shopping
- Made dinner
- Did dishes
- Cleaned the three bedrooms
- Read the kid a book at bedtime (in English and Spanish -- but now I'm just bragging)
- Had some relaxation time, some quality time with the hubby, and did some online shopping for gifts and shoes
- Blogged!

The only thing I missed out on that I can think of was our creative time that is ideally supposed to take place before dinner. Pretty darn good day. Not Disneyland good -- but just made me feel like I can do this mom of two thing after all.


Favorite of the day: Today was also a good day in terms on everybody getting along, but some days -- this list is a good one to have on hand.

Working on: If I have another day like this one (fingers crossed!), probably a painting project.

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wow, that's definitely a great day!!