Friday, January 25, 2013

Everett's Story: The nursery

Of course when I (finally) announced I was pregnant, folks started asking about what I was going to do to prepare my craft room for the baby. Uhhh -- no way, Jose (or my MIL or BT -- depending on who was asking). That is my room.

I mean, there is no other place on our property that could accommodate all the stuff (even storing it in the garage -- that place is already stuffed to the gills). Although I question why I have it all sometimes, my craft supplies are part of my identity. I do something in that room every day, even if it is the smallest thing, like writing a thank you card. Also, it is our guest room as well.

So inserting 2 boys into a 10' by 10' space was the only option I could see. If somebody wants to invent an adjustable bunk bed system that can accommodate a crib underneath the upper bunk (not so high as a loft bed) and then the lower bunk replaces the crib -- there would be money in that. I saw some custom jobs along those lines, but nothing from retail outlets. Our crib is in use at the moment by a little Charlie girl, but no matter -- a full-size crib wouldn't have fit on this wall anyway. This is a travel crib, or mini crib. It was bought used, but we did buy a real mattress for it (this brand comes with a 1" vinyl pad). I doubt this will last must past the year mark, but hopefully then we can find bunk beds with rails or something. We were just going to use a Pack n Play, but I needed the storage space. Underneath the crib are two wheeled storage baskets holding all the baby toys that were housed in the storage unit that was originally on this wall

Hank's bed is still in place. The dresser is once again employed as a changing table. I fuss too much about details. Once the changing pad had been removed previously, there were some collectible items on top of the dresser, including Hank's piggy bank and a drum playing robot toy from the Robot Rock party. I found these storage cubes at Walmart online to hold these items (couldn't readily find them to link to, but probably still there. The online site has great storage ideas, btw -- search for Guidecraft and RooMeez to see some of my favorites) plus a piggy bank for Everett and my only (I swear!) don't-need-it-but-gotta-have-it baby item that I purchased -- a Skip Hop comb and brush set.

I also needed a solution for diapers. The dresser is fully loaded, so no room for them. I bought a 3 Sprouts storage caddy to hold them, but initially didn't have any logical place to put it. I luckily found this sorta decorative S-hook thingy at Target that allowed me to hang the bag from the side of the changing table. It has been really convenient!

Once the crib comes out, I have been informed that space will be a Lego building station...


Favorite of the day: Consider it done

Working on: I was working this month on some party accessories for Little Charlie's 1st birthday (pennant banner, crown, favors). Her mom cancelled on us the day before, and not sure we will be scheduling a make up date. So that was pretty much a waste of my limited crafting time...

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