Sunday, December 16, 2012

Now I'm just bored

Without the scramble usual hustle and bustle of getting ready for Christmas, and being home d a y after d a y has left me a bit stir crazy. I have been dragging the little guy out and about more than what is recommended for a newborn. But, without breaks away from the tiny house, me and the older kid (who is also home) get way too bored.

I try to come up with a fun activity to do either at home or out and about every day. A recent trip to the dollar store resulted in supplies to make reindeer food for our cousins, and a cookie making kit for the family that will be hosting everybody for Christmas Eve.

Many of the cookie making supplies were already in the re-gift box. We just bought the perishable items and a container to hold everything.

Baby will surely "wake up" soon, and I will longingly look back at this time (and probably wish I had done something more productive with my excess time) :)

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