Friday, December 14, 2012

My heart...

Since writing this, more details have come out about the shooter and mental health issues. Glad to hear President Obama mentioning mental health care as an issue to consider in light of this tragedy, and hope that families with children with conditions that make them difficult to live with receive the assistance and support they need.

I had quite a different post planned today...but the shooting in Connecticut has reduced me to a bawling mess. My heart aches for the families that lost little ones or family members so close to the holidays. I pray with all my might that my boys will grow up knowing right from wrong

that despite what they may see on TV or video games, violence is rarely justified

if they have a difference with somebody, talk it out, or avoid that person altogether

if they have feelings about hurting themselves or others, that they will seek help, not revenge.

For the leaders or our country -- please see that the old ways aren't working any more. We can't rely on kids to learn everything they need to learn about relating to others at home if so many homes are broken and their teachers (i.e. parents) weren't taught those kind of things either. If they are supposed to learn those kind of lessons at church -- less and less people attend church and, quite frankly, the message coming from some religious organizations and spiritual leaders as of late is less on the Love Thy Neighbor side than one would hope for. For all those that claim to respect for weapons, have taken gun safety courses, etc., there is obviously a growing segment of gun owners who shouldn't be allowed to handle more than a butter knife. How do we preserve our 2nd Amendment rights, and concurrently the rights of defenseless individuals who don't know where they will be when some wingnut decides to go postal?

All of these shooters were once little babies. Their mothers or caretakers held them, cared for them, and had expectations for them. Where does the line get broken, and these individuals see this course of action as the next (usually final) step?

Back to my tissue box now...

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leslie said...

totally totally devastated and unable to really focus after yesterday's events. if i give it more than 2 seconds of thought i feel like crying so not sure what to do with myself. christmas is just around the corner and i cannot even imagine what those parents are going through. thanks for your thoughts on all this, i sure don't have the answer. i am personally against all guns (like a uk sort of option) but unfortunately that isn't a reality for this country. i know first hand that mental health care is the first thing to go when budgets need to make cut backs, my original field was psychology and the mental hospitals were closing one by one just when i needed a job. drug abuse, alcohol abuse, mental health issues need special treatment and can't be lumped in with general health care. specialists are needed and for at least the last 20 years, since i left the field, i am sure it has gotten worse and worse. thanks for sharing your thoughts jen, xoxo to you!