Thursday, December 13, 2012

I'm the (snow)man in the box*

This is another idea from a magazine -- a felt snowman for kids to assemble and store in a box.

Would you believe the very same day that I had scheduled to cut out the felt pieces, BT brought home a trio of red paper suitcases (small, medium, large) that he had received as part of a gift from a vendor at work?

I asked what awesomeness had come in the cute suitcases, but he couldn't recall (something food related, he thought -- promptly taken by the women in the office). Men...

* As for the title of the post -- this probably won't be as funny in print as it was in the moment. BT and I were recently reading a thread on reddit where people were discussing songs they would like played at their funerals. Some were deep and meaningful, and others planned complicated ways to rickroll funeral attendees, etc. One commenter indicated a favorite grunge song -- Pearl Jam, I think. Subsequent replies suggested the same mix of serious and not so serious songs from the 90s. I had a laugh attack when somebody suggested Man in the Box -- followed by, naturally, Down in a Hole. Kinda morbid, I know, especially considering what happened to the guy the songs were written by -- but it struck a funny chord at the time.


Favorite of the day: Bear claws!

Working on: An ornament

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