Saturday, December 08, 2012

Christmas tree is up!

Without a theme -- pretty much the same as last year.

The only elements worth noting are the gift wrap (all from Target purchased last year on clearance, save the pink paper which is from Michaels)

and the tree itself -- which is a Grand Fir. Two of our friends had these trees last year, and they are so beautiful!!

It took me a few days, but I finally figured out why they are so appealing. Even when the needles die, they still stay a vibrant green. This makes it look like a fake tree, as there is isn't one bad spot on it. There aren't that many of them at places like Home Depot and Lowes around these parts at least, but surprisingly they aren't that expensive. Love!


Favorite of the day: Cute wreath

Working on: BT's holiday party is tonight -- woot!

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