Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Checking our list: Gifts from Hank

So, yeah, my kid is a bit spoiled. There -- I said it. He can be as sweet as sugar pie sometimes, but other times he shows a spoiled, selfish side that would rival any of the kids in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. He is more into asking for demanding toys lately, and gets upset at silly things, like watching me deliver gifts to our neighbors (still don't know what the issue was there -- he was crying his eyes out, and just kept saying I shouldn't leave gifts for people), giving birthday gifts to his friends (but I wanted that!), and was not the most gracious host at his alligator party (many guests, especially the girls, were met with eye rolling and What are YOU doing here?)

We have tried to combat some of these elements by talking about proper behavior, but as the old adage goes -- actions speak louder than words. When he does earn money (by sorting recyclables for redemption), we look at websites to find a place to donate 10% -- usually he chooses a charity related to kids or pets. If he does buy something with the remainder, we make a big deal about him physically giving the money to the cashier, and how once the money is gone, he can't buy any more gummy sharks, Legos, etc., and that our money has a limit as well.

In relation to gifts, we spent some time yesterday talking about all the people who buy him nice things during the year, and wouldn't it be nice to do something for them for Christmas in return. I asked if he wanted to buy them something or make something, and he chose to make something. We had already talked about making popsicle tree ornaments like these after seeing the directions in a magazine last month. We made one for dada, nana and grandpa, and his grandma, but I wanted him to thank some of the other people he doesn't know as well who regularly do nice things for him. We came up with my co-worker who gets us in to Disneyland for free several times per year, and gives Hank thrifted books and clothes on nearly a weekly basis, and my aunt, who is on a very limited income, yet sends Hank a small gift or card for most holidays. I asked him who he wanted to thank at school. He thought about it for a bit, and said Finn's dad. Finn is Hank's best buddy at school, and his dad works at a local sea life rescue organization. During the summer, Finn's dad would bring sea creatures to school every Friday for the kids to explore. We also had a play date over the summer, and did things like this

 and this

and this

So yeah -- I get why Finn's dad is held in such high esteem. We made his ornament with seashell sequins. I was hoping he'd want to thank one of the women at school who have wiped his nose and his butt for the past 4 years, but just glad he acknowledged somebody in his life by name.

Coincidentally, Finn's birthday party is this weekend -- will we be able to relinquish his gift graciously?


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