Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Checking my list: Handmade for Everett

We'll skip the full "Something you want, Something you need..." gift choices for Everett this year, as he received almost everything he (or his mama) "want" through shower gifts, Nana gifts, etc. And -- he's a baby. His needs pretty much consist of milk on demand and a clean diaper.

He will have a hat under the tree, and a book, and a little handmade item from mama and his big brother. We got the idea from here. It has a wipes wrapper in it so it crinkles.


Favorite of the day: Love this!

Working on: Group gifts (Finally making progress!!)


Doodlebug Love said...

OMG.. that is such a great idea! I love it...

sweet little sister said...

Totally precious :)