Friday, December 07, 2012

Checking my list: Edible gifts

The lesson learned this year -- plan homemade Christmas gifts that don't involve the hubby from this point forward, lol.

I love my husband, and I love that he generally is willing to help out with my hare-brained ideas. But, he is fairly slow and deliberate, prone to making "mistakes" that only he recognizes as such and thus feels the need to redo projects, and has a fairly strict no housework or work on my "crafty crap" on weeknights policy. I knew all of this, but somehow ended up planning three gifts this year that needed his input. This represents the completion of one of those gift items -- the beer. This should have been fun for him, as he usually jumps at the chance to make a new brew, but the amount of time it took and obstacles encountered made it a PITA project for sure.

BT has been brewing beer for several years now. He initially started with kits, but now comes up with his own recipes with the help of a computer program that assists in determining grain amounts based on the style of beer he is making. He wanted to make a spiced Christmas beer for our neighbors and close friends. We got a little overzealous with the ginger, though, and the end product ended up being undrinkable.

On to plan B. BT had a dozen bottles left of one of best beers he has ever made -- a milk stout. Milk stouts are amazing, and taste like chocolate milk. The only problem was that I had already made jars of organic spicy honey mustard to go with the initial beer type, which didn't seem like a good match for a sweet beer.

BT thought about it for some time, and came up with a perfect solution. He had another beer, called a SMaSH beer, already in the works. Light gold in color, it would work well with the dark milk stout to create a "Naughty and Nice" duo. Perfect!!

I had to re-do packaging, labels, etc., but just glad we could salvage the idea. BT even made labels for the beer, which came out great. The beer was packaged in a red bag labelled as Santa's Secret 'Stache.

One beer still needs some time in the bottle, so I added a tag from Target indicating it should not be opened until Dec. 25. The mustard and some re-packaged pretzels were included in another small gift bag, and the two bags tied together. Hallelujah -- one more project checked off the list!

I only made 8 jars of mustard, so needed another food item for some folks. My mom had made these yummy bar nuts before, and they seemed to fit with the beer and bar food related theme. I packaged the nuts in cute bowls from Walmart and colored cello wrap.

Just t w o more gifts to go on the list -- will we be able to work together and get them done?


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eviedee said...

LOVE the Naughty/Nice theme. :)

sweet little sister said...

Those turned out awesome! The labels & accompanying sides & everything :) well done BT & Ms Feltmouse!