Monday, December 10, 2012

Checking my list: Christmas cards

Here is our Christmas card for 2012

I *think* the idea is from Prudent Baby, and Jacinda did the same play on the Rainbow Connection song for her card last year (or the year before last -- time flies!), but I can't find a direct link.

The key to getting my Christmas prep by and large out of the way before baby Everett arrived was thinking way ahead. I knew how I wanted the pictures styled for BT and me and for Hank. Unbeknownst to everybody, I packed the clothes I wanted us to wear for the Christmas card pics as part of our Grand Canyon trip (you recall my schizophrenic post). BT and I were a little dressy that day for an outdoorsy trip, but really there wasn't much walking, so we were fine. My dad is a pretty good (and patient) photographer. We got shots of BT and me, and even the hard to photograph Hank (wearing a Kermit the Frog shirt, naturally) after lunch.  I printed out the backside of some cardstock with a festive plaid, addressed envelopes, and had the card formatting set up as of October. So -- the only thing left to do this month was catch a picture of a sleeping, dreaming baby, print, and cut them out!

Real life confession: The damn printer did decide to run out of ink during the printing of the front of the card, so off to Staples to purchase the equivalent cost of a new printer's worth of ink. The best laid plans...

As you may recall, I like my cards to have a gift element to them. I ordered the Muppets Christmas stickers in bulk, so I had enough to include in the cards for the kids they were being sent to.


Favorite of the day: Beautiful desert elopement 

Working on: Gifts from Hank

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