Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Checking my list: Art clip boards for grandmas

Ahh -- final project!

My aunt has a clipboard like this to hold artwork made by her grandkids. I wanted to make one for my grandma, and also for BT's mom.

Pardon the night shots -- you can only imagine how eager I was to get these done and package them up. The vinyl sign is from here. They were crafted by the hubby, and painted with oops paint from Home Depot. The store had small sample jars for 50 cents, and pints for $2 in colors that were "good enough" if it meant being done faster and cheaper. I used scrapbook paper on hand (also deemed "good enough") to cover the clothespins.

Still waiting for that relaxed feeling of accomplishment -- perhaps after I get packed for our trip, get the house cleaned, oh, and we were waiting for this as requested by Hank via Santa, but received this instead. Are we ever really done?


Favorite of the day: Love the festive jungle animals

Working on: Cleaning -- trying unsuccessfully to keep a pre-schooler entertained...

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