Monday, December 31, 2012

An ornament a day 2012: Day 6

Those of you with young boys in the house most likely have been subjected Minecraft in some form or other. BT and the kid have logged hours digging out a safe haven from creepers, endermen, zombies, and other Minecraft baddies.

This will be our keepsake ornament for 2012 -- the quintessential element that will help me remember some significant family interest in that given year for years to come. Also in the running were Angry Birds, Star Wars, and Gangnam Style, but found this Christmas themed cutie on etsy (did I say I have to make all of these ornaments from year to year? If so, I take that back.) and decided 2012 was the year of Minecraft. This will also conclude my ornament making (and buying) for this year.

I like to dig dig dig dig.

Have a safe New Year's Eve, and best wishes for a happy 2013!


Favorite of the day: I really liked some pieces from my maternity wardrobe, so much so that I have been re-buying the same pieces without stretchy waistbands and extra tummy fabric. Loved a polka dot shirt I had, and now have a few more ideas what to do with the non-maternity version.

Working on: Trying to get a clean start for the new year!

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