Sunday, December 30, 2012

An ornament a day 2012: Day 5

Today's ornament has a bit of a story behind it (don't they all?) I looked on the Michaels site a month or two ago to see what the general themes were for ornaments this year. The store's site, as you know, typically doesn't have pictures of all the items available in store -- more like sample pics of what might be there. Knowing this, I was surprised to see a page like this

It appeared that individual Christmas ornaments were shown. I glanced through a few pages, and saw some chalkboard painted ornaments. I didn't click on the thumbnail -- just went on my merry way to Michaels to find the ornaments. My closest store did not have any chalkboard painted ornaments, so I drove to the second closest store. Hmm -- none there either. On the way to visit girlfriends, I went to another Michaels store. Still no chalkboard ornaments. During each of these trips, I would see some paper mache ornaments in the dollar section and the aisle with DIY ornament supplies. I would think to myself how easy these would be to make. But -- I was in lazy mode, and really wanted to just buy them.

I finally looked at the website in more detail, and finally realized clicking on the picture led to instructions for how to make the ornaments. Ohhhhhh duuuuhhhh. I bought a couple bigger versions before Christmas for the boys to draw on every year (seems like it would be fun to see how their drawings and interests change over time), and then decided at some point I would buy the dollar section versions on sale after Christmas to paint and give to our nieces and nephews for next year. I only needed to go to two stores this time (would have been just one if the closest store hadn't dumped all of its dollar section stuff into a 3 foot deep bin) to find 14 ornaments to paint for Hank and Everett's cousins. Target had some great chalkboard label adorned buckets to hold them in. And you thought I was joking about getting ready for Christmas 2013 early?


Favorite of the day: I *need* to do this some time!!

Working on: Final ornmanent

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