Saturday, December 29, 2012

An ornament a day 2012: Day 4

Not sure of the source for today's ornament, but a photo was sent to me with a tree filled with tiki ornaments like this by a dear blog friend

If I had more time, or at least had allotted more time to this design, I would make a few more of these. Maybe next year. For now, on to other things! I've entered that productive, but not good at prioritizing things stage of having a new baby in the house. I will get the fridge cleaned, but not get us out of our pjs that day. I spend a precious un-tethered hour digging through a clearance bin at Michaels versus grocery shopping (to fill said empty refrigerator) like I set out to do. The same thing happened with Hank, and know I will have to re-establish some structure and order into our daily lives. I will. Eventually. Once I finish these ornaments. And re-filling the bottles in my travel bag. And -- whatever silly frivolous but seemingly important thing that strikes my fancy tomorrow.


Favorite of the day: Another dear blog friend's Minecraft party

Working on: Day 5

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