Friday, December 28, 2012

An ornament a day 2012: Day 3

A keepsake ornament commemorating Everett's birth.

It was based off of a Pinterest pin, which turned out to link to an etsy site. I modified the design so as not to be a direct copy, and used Everett's initals since Everett was a little too long to fit on a reasonably sized ornament. I love his initials, btw -- how the same symbol can be used to represent EMW.

A few additional 1st Christmas ornaments were on the tree. My grandma has these painted shoes made for all her great grandkids

I made a holly ornament using cut outs of his wee feet

and my mom bought a sock monkey ornament reflective of his stocking.


Favorite of the day: In the running for a Valentine's Day treat

Working on: Same old, same old

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