Friday, November 30, 2012

What's in a name?

Not much this time. The big brother's name was especially meaningful, being named after his deceased grandfather and an ancestor on my side, but little Everett Mason is a pioneer of both of his first name and middle name in our family.

After months of debate, we had narrowed potential names down to three similar E names -- Emeritt, Emmitt/Emmett or Everett. One of them, when you do a Google search, reveals a series of mugshots. Emmett (BT's fave from the list) is a lesser character from Twilight. I wasn't about to give a name that would prompt people to ask if I was a fan of a series of books/movies that I have no interest in. So Everett it was..!

As for Mason -- we wanted a middle name that started with J so he could be E.J. Unfortunately, being last in line in the kid department behind dozens of cousins, our cousins' kids, and kids of friends, the standard J names are already in use a few times over. I came up with a brilliant solution, but my delivery was all wrong. I suggested Jenson -- you know, I said, like Jen's son. BT nixed it immediately. Later, when I suggested Mason (was pairing names I saw on billboards that day), I was quick to point out the intent was not Ma's son -- purely coincidental.

Around the time we found out he was a boy, our best name pick at the time was Tyler. Neither of us was really behind it, but it was the forerunner for a month or so. I joked if we went with that, his middle name would "have" to be Rexford, so he could be T-Rex. This became our nickname for the baby in utero :)


Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage said...

I think Everett is really cool--it's easy to spell, easy to pronounce. He won't have people asking him how to say his name all the time! Still, it's different from the cute but all-too-common Ethan. Not that my opinion matters. :)

Lynn said...

I like both his names - I think you did good!

shanna (pinktrees) said...

a friend of mine's 10 month old is named Rex (after a grand grandpa)...where it gets funny is his whole name: Rex Lisle Grizzle. Lisle is pronounced like Lizzle and it's his mother's maiden name. she's an only child and wanted to keep the Lisle name in the family so they made it Rex's middle name.

Patty Biermans said...

You are right! What's in a name. I wish him a wonderfull and happy life! hugzz.....peebee

sweet little sister said...

Everett & Mason are both Grandpa names in my family :) should you ever tire of that boy, he can settle in w us! & by the way, I think Jen's Son= Jenson & T-Rex are both very clever. You think of EVERYTHING

Jane said...

Congratulations a 1,000 times over!

We had a dear family friend named Everett. He was a WWII Vet and an all around lovely person.