Sunday, November 18, 2012

Trader Joe's party

By me getting a promotion, it meant somebody else would get one, too, as they took my place. This was a very difficult process. Not a difficult decision, mind you, but difficult to let people know they weren't going to be the one. And so the promotion went to...Danielle!

She has already jumped right in and relieved a big part of our workload back up. This week we had an all staff meeting, and thought it would be good to acknowledge her accomplishment. This wasn't a full blown party, but we wanted to have a few decorative elements and some sort of theme. One day, walking into Danielle's office, I noticed some Trader Joe's snacks she had brought in. Danielle loves Trader Joe's, and always brings in well-loved and newly released snacks for all of us. I thought -- hmmm - a Trader Joe's celebration would be kinda fun. But, I didn't talk to anybody else about the idea. Later that day, the co-worker who was planning the party with me said she was thinking a Trader Joe's themed party would be fun. It was meant to be!

I sent out a note for folks to bring in their favorite Trader Joe's snack for the party -- maybe something Danielle introduced them to. We gave her a gift card, and I put together a bag of office related hygiene items (tissue box, gum, lotion).

As for decor, I had to hit up my Facebook blogger pals for ideas. They were quick to point out that there are two distinct themes that TJ's uses. For the Fearless Flyer and many food labels, they use Victorian style drawings with funny captions. In store, they have a tiki theme, and the store's use of chalkboards would lend itself to a party theme. In the end, I decided to just focus on the Fearless Flyer style. I made a congratulatory banner using an actual copy of the Fearless Flyer, made newspaper hats for everybody, and lined the table with cut out hearts, sunshine-y sunflowers from TJ's, and tea lights.

Everything came out so cute, but the recipient didn't get to enjoy her little soiree. She came in to the office feeling ill, and by the time the meeting came around was feeling the full blown effects of a stomach bug. The rest of us ate our treats, and then decorated her desk for when she returns.


Favorite of the day: Another cute snowman idea

Working on: Still have several projects in the works, none of which are progressing too satisfactorily.

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sweet little sister said...

Whaaaaaaat?! She missed her party?! DANGIT
I was anticipating her great surprise for such a clever entirely unique party. Darn Darn Darn
You think of everything!