Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Some new artwork

We did some rearranging in Hank's room recently, and ended up with a blank wall. I decided I wanted to try an art piece along the lines of the paintings Danielle did with her boys.

Although I really wanted Hank to be involved in all the steps, I got a little control freak-y about the whole thing, and decided to do the background painting, paper collage, and star stamps on my own. Soo -- the only part he helped with was some Sharpie drawings at the end. He drew some of his signature spiders, asteroids, and the long line is a rocket blasting off from Earth to land on the paper moon. Trying to come up with some other projects to fill this space -- maybe I will let him help more with those.


Favorite of the day: Cute diy gift boxes

Working on: I gave a presentation to 200 people today -- mentally exhausted...

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sweet little sister said...

That turned out darling! & it is YOUR house. I don't see anything wrong with guiding this project for Hank :) it still has his stamp of creativity on it!
Those DIY Lego boxes sure are cute too