Monday, November 05, 2012

Making mama teary eyed

I have always loved kid art. It is so wonderful to see how kids interpret things, with exaggerated features, etc. to represent something they have seen or experienced.

Hank is drawing things that look more intentional now. I saw this picture on his desk, and thought - could this be related to the apples? Sure enough, when I asked him what the part at the bottom was, he said it was him picking apples. The green is the tree, the long thing in his hand is the apple picker, and the red balls are apples coming off the tree. I need to find some way to preserve this, similar to his sea life drawing.

I love the picture onto itself, but am also pleased as punch that a random thing I thought I was dragging him to do for mama's enjoyment ended up being something he wanted to document months later.

(The thing on the right is some creature from Minecraft exploding, apparently...)


Favorite of the day: The concept itself of a beer tasting party is great, but especially love the DIYs.

Working on: Studying my sample ballot

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