Sunday, November 18, 2012

Checking our list: Movie at El Capitan

The opportunity presented itself to get one of our holiday tradition events done early. We made the trek to Hollywood for a viewing of Wreck-It Ralph. This year's official holiday movie at El Capitan, Monsters Inc. in 3-D, doesn't start until mid-December. We decided it would be more fun to go see a new movie versus the re-released one.

The stage show was fun -- Hank almost got chosen to go up on stage to make a brick building, but he was rather grumpy that morning, so the guy choosing kids from the audience made a funny comment and moved on.

My parents were with us, so they got to see the theater we always rave about. Everybody liked the movie a lot, and kid was slightly less grumpy when we left.

As my parents haven't been to Hollywood since forever, we also walked around Grauman's Chinese theater, were entertained by all the street performers, and walked through the Hollywood and Highland mall. I guess just that weekend a new GIANT (30,000 square foot) candy store called Sweet opened.

If you can't find what you are looking for here, it probably doesn't exist any more. There are 5 sub-stores within the larger one, including one that makes hard candy, a store devoted to lollipops, one that focuses on gross items (candy is dispensed from urinals, if that gives you an idea), an area for making custom candy bars with any strange topping imaginable, and a Willy Wonka store. Hollywood really does need more novelty stores like this to up the tourist quotient, so hope the store is a success!


Favorite of the day: Nothin' yet

Working on: If I push myself and the hubby today, can get a couple of the big remaining projects on my list knocked out. Fingers crossed!

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sweet little sister said...

I keep hearing that I should go see that movie... Even if its just at the local theater (we looooove el capitan!) but Donovan went & saw it without me :/ I could make him go twice? As a mean mom?
That candy store sounds outrageous. (0_0)