Friday, November 16, 2012

Checking my list: Co-worker gifts

I spent some time in the past few months accumulating supplies to make things for Christmas. It became a little stressful, then, seeing piles of stuff around the house and wondering if I will follow through and actually make those things (I don't always have the best track record in terms of project completion).

The gift for my co-workers was determined to be Pistachio and Tart Cherry Chocolate Bark (recipe here). I bought pistachio green take out style boxes, cello bags, and even bought the cherries, pistachios, and chocolate in advance. Well-- no use letting stuff sit around, I figured. Why not make the bark and give them the gift early? So I did, thus checking off one more thing from the list.


Favorite of the day: Cute snowman inspiration

 Working on: Those giant art boards -- not going so well...

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sweet little sister said...

No more saying "I don't always complete my projects". Well done Sista!