Thursday, November 15, 2012

Alligator party!

Hank's alligator 4th birthday party went off without a hitch! Since we had bad weather last year for the Robot Rock party, we proactively rented a room at a local park (we still don't have a yard -- yes, still). It was kind of a funky space, but we liked it.

Coming into the room, guests could see the favors, hats, and a cute alligator balloon.

Sad story with the balloon. Hank was pretty taken by the fact that the weighted down balloons couldn't fly away. He was outside testing the limits of the alligator balloon after the party while we were cleaning up when I guess it came loose from its weight. I was inside, but heard the most agonizing sound I have ever heard my child make. I figured he was either getting stabbed to death out there -- or (more likely) the damn balloon flew away. We try not to coddle him when something doesn't go his way, but he was so broken hearted and not at all bratty about it, it was hard not to feel bad for him...

Really didn't expect the alligator hats to be worn, but they were surprisingly popular. Several kids came back in after they left the party to get their hat! 
Moving on from the entry table, next was a sand pit we have filled with Styrofoam peanuts and eggs with prizes hidden it it -- meant to represent an alligator nesting ground. This was one of those examples of not thinking things all the way through. I thought the peanuts would be a cheap, easy way to fill the pit, but did not realize how messy this would get, and that static-y bits of Styrofoam are impossible to remove from kids' clothing (until they go outside and roll around in leaves and dirt).

But, as my dad pointed out, the kids were having a blast, so that was what counts. I made a couple of cardboard trees to put by the nesting ground, and Hank and I painted an alligator to hang above it.

Next came the food table. Just Costco specials for most of the food items, though I did make some cute cookies

and assembled candy items to represent different alligator related items: Al's lunch -- gummy fish, muddy tails -- Twix, scales -- Sprees, and baby gators -- gummy alligators.

(I did not use the gator bait clip shown here, as it turns out this is an extremely racist term. Didn't know that, but glad I looked it up.)

I also made a swamp-y punch using lime sherbet, 7-Up, and pineapple juice. Received rave reviews about this concoction!

The next table held drinks (including the swamp water) and an alligator cake made using this as inspiration. I ordered cupcakes from the bakery, and just added extra frosting for the eyes and nails.

The tables were decorated with green tablecloths, little gift boxes I found at the dollar store, and brightly colored balloons. Initially everything I bought for the party was green, but ran into a few snags, so started incorporating yellow, orange, and aqua as well. The variety of colors made everything more lively.

Since it ended up being a nice day after all, the kids had fun playing outdoors versus doing stage dives off of the stage that was part of the room. As mentioned, will most likely switch to lower key parties with less kids next year. Annnd -- really hoping we have a yard by then :)


Favorite of the day: Need a buddy to go visit this place.

Working on: Employee gifts

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Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage said...

I love it! The cupcake cake is great--I don't care for the ones where they are all iced together because it seems like a mess when you separate them. I like how yours are all iced separately. Cute cookies too!