Sunday, October 28, 2012

The big reveal!

All that talk about updates to the dining room, you would think we lived in a stately mansion, and were installing custom woodwork and built-ins or something.

No -- nothing that elaborate. By all rights this project should have taken 1-2 weekends at the most. But, unfortunately, we don't operate that way. As a reminder, here is a before shot of the dining room festively decorated for Cinco De Mayo:

White walls, mostly white furniture. Granted, we are generally ok with white walls, but this room was in need of some spice. Here is the after:

A run down of the projects:

- New light fixture

- Made a cushion (using this tutorial) for the storage bench. Also bought storage bins to fit inside the cabinets. The basket next to the bench is for stuff that needs to go outside. I made the cute pillow for the top of the bench ("ono" means delicious).

- Re-hemmed curtains (didn't do such a good job with that project the first time around). Now they are all straight and just kiss the edge of the window frame.

- Put up textured wallpaper beneath the chair rail and painted it

- Created a photo wall. The shadow box at the top contains one of Hank's first tiki shirts :)

- Created a vignette on top of the buffet. Poster is from our first Tiki Oasis event.

- Hung up a few treasured items, including my gravel art piece

- Bought succulent centerpiece and cute salt and pepper shakers

- Cleaned table, chairs, and rug

- Re-painted mailbox cover (mail drops into box to the left of the buffet)

What is still left to do? Well, never did find that doorbell, so this nook still looks empty

I also have a small pile of etsy stuff in this room waiting for a new home (here is my shop if you are interested in helping a sister out)

Eventually, we will need to replace the flooring ruined by one small white dog in the course of just a couple of years, and we have plans to remove the doorway into the kitchen and most of the wall to the right of the dining table (leaving the doorbell nook, naturally). Resulting half wall will be supported by a post from here.

You think this decorating project took long -- we have yet to finish a true remodeling project for our sorta fixer upper. So don't hold your breath to see an update on the rest of the dining room any time soon...


Recent favorite: Too cute!

Working on: Stuck on what to tackle next...

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