Friday, October 12, 2012

Party Prep: Birthday gift

Hank really enjoyed camping this past summer. He is a nature boy who enjoys getting outdoors and getting dirty. He also enjoys the quintessential camping dessert - s'mores.

One lazy Sunday at home, he built an elaborate fort in the living room that he said was his tent. He added so many cute touches reflecting what our site looks like when we do go camping, such as the new camp kitchen. He also made a pretend fire out of Lincoln Logs, and pretended to make s'mores. I knew I had to make him a s'more playset this year for either Christmas or his birthday.

The graham crackers, chocolate, and whole + toasted marshmallows were all made out of felt and hand sewn.

I made holes at the bottom of the whole marshmallows to insert chopsticks in the bottom for roasting over a Lincoln Log fire.


Favorite of the day: So curious to try making these

Working on: Super hero accessories


Lynn said...

Your s'mores are absolutely darling. I'm sure the birthday boy is going to love them!

leslie said...

super cute!!! love these!!