Friday, October 05, 2012

Halloween prep: For school party

I only have a few crafty ideas for Halloween this year. I brought up the idea of decorating the house a bit this weekend, and Hank asked if he could have the pumpkin lights in his room again (one of those strands of lights with plastic pumpkin covers over the bulbs) like he did last year. It's always interesting to hear about the things he remembers from some time ago one minute, and then watch him forget what he is saying mid-sentence the next.

This is a well-pinned Halloween idea, to take mandarin orange snack cups and draw on a jack-o-lantern face. This is perfect for the pre-school class Halloween party, as there is always waaaay too much food, and the teachers usually try to send home what they can at the end of the day. In case these don't get eaten at lunch or snack the day of the party, they will be easy to throw in a bag to have the kids take home. I wish the school allowed us to bring homemade goodies (you can, but again they get sent home versus being served) -- would open up so many more possibilities!


Favorite of the day: Printable map of the U.S.

Working on: Bits and pieces -- water bottle labels, a gift for a party, wrapping completed gifts, more Halloween prep

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