Sunday, October 07, 2012

Halloween prep: For the "kids"

So I got a promotion at work. It is bittersweet, as I am taking the place of my boss who was killed in a drunk driving accident almost two years ago. I have been temping in the position for some time, but it was made official back in July. It is definitely an adjustment to be a second line supervisor and to work with some - er - challenging personality types. It is extremely busy right now at work -- the busiest I remember it ever being the 12 years I have worked for the agency. Every week I try to keep folks motivated through different means -- meetings (boring), and candy (always a winner).

I also usually give staff some little tchotchke each month to represent the month we are in. You've seen at least one example before. This month I added fake mustaches to a printed pumpkin card. On the back I wrote "Thanks for being you!" I also will include candy, of course :)

Speaking of kids, might as well also show the little gift for Hank from The Great Pumpkin. I bought most of the items at Michaels.

Just need to make a costume for said kid, and will be all set for Halloween!


Favorite of the day: So cool! (via jek via Pinterest)

Working on: A hat for Hank

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