Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Countdown: Disneyland!

Browsing through Pinterest, I came across some Nightmare Before Christmas themed wreaths. I thought I would give two of them a try -- A Halloween one (using a Jack Skellington doll we already had) and a Christmas one

Pretty darn happy with how they came out! Both were made using dollar store wreaths. The Halloween version is a grapevine wreath covered with batting then covered with a black trash bag. Hard to believe how small and puny it was originally, right?

The Christmas version uses two skimpy wreaths of different sizes layered on top of each other.

As I was making the wreaths, it came to me that we have never been to Disneyland during Halloween. We have seen the Haunted Mansion ride decorated using Nightmare Before Christmas decorations, as this display is up mid September through December, but we have not been to Disneyland during the month of October. Even my mom can't recall us making a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth during Halloween time.

One of our Disney connection's blackout dates just ended, and she has been itching for us to go, as she knew Hank would be excited to see the new Cars Land at California Adventure. It was a crazy day to take off from work, with an important deadline on the 31st, but we made it work anyway.

Visiting Disneyland during Halloween was worth the wait. The decor, the food, the activities -- all the extra elements made the trip very special. It was a very uncrowded day as well -- we waited for a few new rides at California Adventure for 30 minutes. Otherwise our wait times at both parks were less than 10 minutes per ride!

And we finally saw Cars Land at California Adventure -- so truly fabulous! Hank had stars in his eyes the whole time seeing one of his favorite movies come to life :)


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