Sunday, October 14, 2012

Checking my list: Something he *needs*

As you may recall, we started the tradition of giving just a few gifts every year along the lines of Something you want, Something you need, etc. Victorian gift giving tradition.

This fits the bill for something Hank needs. I use that word loosely, because the kid doesn't need a gd thing. His toy needs are met dozens of times over. We are fortunate, though, that he doesn't really get attached to things. I can't control (and believe me I try) what people give him, but I can still either swipe things away before he even opens the box (re-gift!), or he plays with it a few days and it just disappears. He never asks about those things again. Same thing with candy -- he collects it all on Halloween, for example, and then I take it to work the next day and he never even asks what happened to that big ol' bag of candy he worked hard to collect. I know that will change eventually, but making it almost 4 years and being able to maintain a high level of control over the clutter (and sweets) fits with my OCD tendencies, lol.

To be honest, with work and school during the week and a usually busy weekend agenda, I feel like we aren't home that much to play with toys anyway. One outing Hank looks forward to -- especially if he and dad are on their own for an evening -- if go to Chuck E. Cheese. We have a handful of these little souvenir cards (too hard to throw away something with his sweet little face on it), and I thought Hank would enjoy carrying them in a wallet. I used this tutorial. I was a little frustrated, as I feel like I followed the instructions pretty well, but the thing didn't go together as intended -- something with the lining. It was my fault (blame my novice sewing skills), but really thought it would turn out better. Regardless, it will serve its purpose.

The souvenir cards stay, but the junky toys brought home from Chuck E. Cheese don't have a chance. Adios, poopa trooper.

If you are wondering, here is the intended gift list this year:

Something you want: Angry Birds game
Something you need: Wallet
Something to wear: Dinosaur hoodie + a few other things
Something to read: Follow the Line
Mama made: Super hero cape + accessories
Hat: Shown here

Heck yeah I'm wrapping this stuff as I make it! All part of checking off the list :)


Favorite of the day: More s'more love

Working on: Super hero cape

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